Up until recently, I suffered from a crippling disease. This disease infected my mind for years and impeded on my ability to succeeded.

Don’t feel sorry for me though. This disease is a lot more common than you think. In fact, you might even be suffering from it right now!

What’s The #1 Disease That Hinders Us From Achieving Our Dreams?

It’s our Self-limiting Beliefs (a.k.a SLB)

“I’m not smart enough” “It’s too hard” “I’m too poor” “It will never work” “Success only happens to other people”

For years, I fell victim to these perceived limitations. Without ever questioning these beliefs, I immediately accepted defeat and believed true success was simply out of my reach.

The moment I broke through the confines of the Matrix, however, my mind immediately had room to grow. I snapped out of the delusion of ‘limitations’ and woke up to my true potential, as well as the potential of everyone on this Earth.

The truth is, we are not limited. Despite the lies we tell ourselves, every single one of us possess the power to achieve any dream we want. Nothing is unattainable if you want it bad enough, do whatever it takes to get it, and never give up.

The trick is to not fall victim to our self-limiting beliefs. These are only stories we tell ourselves to disempower us and give us permission to be lazy.

Thankfully this disease is treatable!

How do we overcome SLB and get closer to achieving our dreams?

The strategy I’m using to get me continuously progressing towards my goal of Financial Freedom is simple but powerfully effective! It will work for you too if you’re open to it, and action it with persistence and discipline!

Get into the habit of replacing the self-limiting beliefs with questions!

Self-Limiting Beliefs Question that will get us closer to achieving our dreams
“I’m not smart enough” How can I be smart enough? What skills and knowledge do I need to acquire?
“I can’t afford it” How can I afford it? What can I sell? What luxuries can I sacrifice to make funds available?
“It will never work” How can I make it work? How can I overcome the issues that are stopping it from working?
“Success only happens to other people” What are successful people doing that I’m not doing? What can I learn from them so I can replicate their results?


With this strategy in place, every perceived limitation suddenly becomes an opportunity for Growth!

Your weaknesses start transforming into your Strengths.

With this mindset, how could we possibly fail at anything?


Practice Makes Perfect

I invite you to take a step closer to Achieving Your Dreams TODAY.

1)       Identify that ONE dream that you’ve never pursued

2)      Identify the Self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving that dream

3)      Identify the empowering questions that will transform those perceived limitations into opportunities for growth!

4)      Get creative and research the answers that will overcome each and every question and get yourself closer to Achieving Your Dreams Today.


That’s what I’m doing!