My Values


I have complete faith in myself and my purpose as well as the potential purpose of everyone on this Earth. I step out of my own way, and encourage others to do the same, so we can clear the pathway to reach our fullest potential!


When I have a goal, I do not allow the nay-sayers, feelings of inadequacy, self-limiting beliefs, excuses or self-doubt be a barrier! I keep going, and stop at nothing until I get there!

Self Development

I am committed to my continual spiritual, mental and intellectual development and growth. I always seek to learn and develop skills so I can serve others better. I believe that we are our own biggest asset and therefore we are worth investing in!


I believe that life is about our passions, dreams, experiences, family and friends. I understand the value of these things in our life and I am passionate about helping other people create the lifestyle freedom that will allow them to embrace the things in their life that matter most!


When I am faced with a challenge, I learn from it, overcome it, then bounce back and move on. I don’t allow these hurdles to hold me back from progress any longer than they need to. I truly believe that every challenge is an opportunity for growth!


I always seek adventure and do what’s true to me or inspires me. I do not allow myself to stay comfortable for too long. We grow when we step out of our comfort zone. Life is too short to never take risks


I do my best to truly listen to people and understand where they are coming from. There is no right or wrong. I understand that everyone is on their own journey and I meet them where they are and try to give them the courage to take the next step.


Our heart is the connective tissue to all living things (people, animals, the environment). I put myself in other people’s shoes and treat the situation with the same compassion I would want for myself. I give back to the community, help the less fortunate, think about the greater good and act and give out of love.

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